What is considered an emergency/urgent/high priority when it comes to support?

An emergency/urgent/high priority issue is one which renders either your website, email, campaign etc down or in operational. Such examples would be:

  • 'My website is down'
  • 'My email is down'
  • 'I can receive but not send emails'
  • 'My Adwords campaigns doesn't appear to be running'
What if my support issue is not an emergency but is an urgent request all the same?

If you're request is only urgent due to leaving it to the last minute or urgent changes have popped up as a result of an opportunity, we'll do our best to squeeze this in as quickly as possible, but genuine 'emergencies' will take priority. You may also incur a 'fast turnaround fee' if our team needs to 'bump' work which has been lodged in the production schedule prior, or if we have to work afterhours/weekends/public holidays to get it done for you. We'll let you know in advance what/if any fees will be charged.