Will it cost you for support with The Creative Collective?

We charge nothing for the first 15 minutes provided this is not a regular occurrence, and thereafter in 15 minute increments at a rate of $120+GST per hour. We will charge an 'investigation fee' of $60+GST should the need to look into an issue arise. After this time we will give you our verdict of how to resolve the issue. If the issue is a result of something that's our fault, no charges will be incurred.

For all general work requests

For all general work requests, we will generally complete these within 48 hours. We will of course, always confirm with you the hours involved and raise a quote for sign-off before commencing any work.

General work requests may include:

'Could you add this content to my website'
'Could you change the XYZ on my site'
'Could you prepare a monthly newsletter for me'

Support Packages

A more cost affective support option is to pre-purchase a support package. By buying support hours in this way, you will benefit from a discounted hourly rate. See http://www.thecreativecollective.com.au/support-maintenance for more information.